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Why Choose TQ42?

TQ42 enables you to tackle Modeling, Simulating, Optimizing, Solving
even the most intricate problems

The platform using the power of quantum computing to improve operations, performance and solutions


Experiment on both classical and quantum hardware


Find optimal solutions faster, with more accuracy


Connect your existing cloud services platforms


Protect your data & IP, comply with security policies

Key Features

Quantum-as-a-Service integrated platform

Innovation made easy so you can break away from the pack

Breakthrough hybrid quantum solutions – made accessible

Quantum-enhanced software is driving a competitive edge for businesses, outcompeting traditional methods. Get easy access through TQ42 and tap into the power of a hybrid quantum cloud.

The foundation lies in a secure and scalable platform architecture

TQ42 is built on a modern, scalable tech stack that meets essential security requirements for access, data encryption, secure data transfer, and data governance.

User-friendly interface, robust developer tools, and seamless APIs

Quickly integrate TQ42’s capabilities into your own applications with our Python SDK. Collaborate with your teams in our web interface and easily productionize and operationalize your results.

The Hybrid Quantum Enhancement

Boost ROI through enhanced efficiencies

The QaaS platform that delivers results

Machine Learning

Increase in image classification accuracy in production fault detection


Decrease in runtime and extended efficiency in chemical mixer design


Improvement in EBIDTA by optimizing the schedule of a complex supply chain


Improvement in speed and cost-efficiency for options pricing simulations

Case studies

Quantum utility unlocked across industries

TQ42 addresses challenges across a variety of industries. Here are some key highlights:

  • Finance
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences
Use Case: Options Pricing
In the fast-paced world of financial markets, exotic options stand out as a playground for the daring and the innovative. With their customized payoffs and intricate structures, they offer the potential for extraordinary returns, while also presenting risks and challenges. Pricing is a particularly demanding task, due to complex variables and ever-changing market conditions influencing the performance of these financial instruments.
Use Case: Enhanced Image Recognition for Car Classification
Image recognition is critical in the automotive industry for tasks like defect detection, part sorting, and self-driving perception. Automotive manufacturers need early and accurate fault detection during the manufacturing process to prevent unnecessary waste and costs. While improving the accuracy of image recognition for fault detection in manufacturing has the potential to create cost savings and operational efficiencies, training deep neural networks is computationally very demanding.
Use Case: Satellite Mission Planning
Earth imaging satellites are a crucial part of our everyday lives, impacting services such as connectivity, navigation, and media. Therefore, it is critical that satellites are employed efficiently and reliably. As they receive dynamic instructions on how to execute their mission in orbit, optimally planning the exact sequence of tasks is a complex endeavour, known as the satellite mission planning problem, which may be computationally prohibitive to solve at scale.
Use Case: Chemical Mixers Design
Efficiently designing optimal chemical mixers and reactors is critical for improving manufacturing processes across many industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and more. Better mixer designs directly enable higher product quality, increased yields, reduced costs, and decreased environmental impacts. However, identifying the ideal mixer shape to maximize mixing performance is incredibly challenging. Testing physical prototype after prototype is slow and costly.
TQ42 Cryptography

Library Features

Open-source library accessible in GitHub

Cutting-edge Post-Quantum Cryptography

The library is available under both Free Use and Commercial licences – to accommodate the diverse needs of organizations at different stages of their post-quantum migration journey.

TQ42 Cryptography will expand to include support for Python, iOS, and Android, additional post-quantum algorithms, and upgrade options, like the ability to purchase quantum keys generated from Terra Quantum’s proprietary Single Photon Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG), which is designed and implemented according to the latest NIST standard (SP 800-90B) and certified by METAS.


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Hear what our clients have to say

Speeding up options pricing can enable trading desks in volatile markets to assess their risks faster, while also reducing their computational costs.
Antonio de Negri
CEO & Founder
The prototype enables a more cost and energy-efficient use of satellites, contributing to the sustainable commercialization of space.
David Sadek
VP Research, Technology & Innovation
This work represents a promising step in that direction and shows how to employ hybrid quantum-classical learning architectures in a real-world use-case.
Dr. Sebastian Schmitt
Principal Scientist
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